Friday, May 30, 2008

The Garden Jitters

Ok - I have no idea what is into me this year. I don't know if it's a bit of a better understanding, if it's that I feel like I have something to work with, if it's that I feel like I need to cultivate to save... I'm just not sure, but I'm slightly obsessed.
I went out the other week and did a bit of rearranging outside the other week before we went off to camp. It looks nice. Lani has posed that we replant the garden next to the house -- I'm exstatic as I am going to plant my first vegetable garden. The funny part is that if I could rearrange all my flowers to a part of the garden for veggies I would - heck - if I could till the grass and make the whole back yard into a veggie garden I would ( I don't think beth will go for that - lol) so I went out today and got some basil, lemon balm, lettuce, corn, carrots, oregano, and a sweet baby watermelon. I have a bunch of bags of cow poopey and topsoil to mix together.
I imagine some day a regular vegetable garden. My actual dream is to have a community garden that many people come to visit and work with me and harvest. I also want a big compost pile, and while I joke about chickens, I am dead serious - I wouldn't mind a goat either. In addition I want fruit trees, and fruit bushes, alot like when we would visit the noble house. Believe it or not I would trade in this house for a littler one with a huge yard that gets full sun. I have no idea why this year I feel so completely connected to puttering out there in the garden. Beth has said I'm allowed to goto the public market by myself if I would like on my own if i wake up early in the morning - hmmm... wanna make a bet - so much FUN !

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