Saturday, May 31, 2008

12:15 on a Saturday intending to rain

Well I got up early as promised and went off to the public market - believe it or not I was flabbergasted - Beth helped me clear and till soil lay down cow manure and top soil. We cleaned out all the weeds and grass - put down 10 bags of cow shit and 9 bags of top soil and turned it all - hopefully that will do the trick - it's supposed to rain later on today - so I'll hold off on planting for right now - but YEAH US!
I think were going to go riding -- with the big girls.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Garden Jitters

Ok - I have no idea what is into me this year. I don't know if it's a bit of a better understanding, if it's that I feel like I have something to work with, if it's that I feel like I need to cultivate to save... I'm just not sure, but I'm slightly obsessed.
I went out the other week and did a bit of rearranging outside the other week before we went off to camp. It looks nice. Lani has posed that we replant the garden next to the house -- I'm exstatic as I am going to plant my first vegetable garden. The funny part is that if I could rearrange all my flowers to a part of the garden for veggies I would - heck - if I could till the grass and make the whole back yard into a veggie garden I would ( I don't think beth will go for that - lol) so I went out today and got some basil, lemon balm, lettuce, corn, carrots, oregano, and a sweet baby watermelon. I have a bunch of bags of cow poopey and topsoil to mix together.
I imagine some day a regular vegetable garden. My actual dream is to have a community garden that many people come to visit and work with me and harvest. I also want a big compost pile, and while I joke about chickens, I am dead serious - I wouldn't mind a goat either. In addition I want fruit trees, and fruit bushes, alot like when we would visit the noble house. Believe it or not I would trade in this house for a littler one with a huge yard that gets full sun. I have no idea why this year I feel so completely connected to puttering out there in the garden. Beth has said I'm allowed to goto the public market by myself if I would like on my own if i wake up early in the morning - hmmm... wanna make a bet - so much FUN !

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back Garden

Replanted Daffys

Bleeding Hearts/Daffys and Daylillies

Back Corner

My little Bird Bath

Back of Garden

Publish Post

Towards arbor

Front of Deck

my arbor

3rd part of garden

My favorite secret part

By the peones are 3 clematis, these do a great job covering the fence. If you notice there is a large wet spot. It's a mint plant that I took out, cut in 1/2 replanted 1/2 in a clay pot (which is doing great) and the other one I put in a pt, shoving it back in the ground. I will be very surprised if it survives.
The far right in front of the clematis, I am not sure what is popping up.
If you also notice I have popped up a huge Trumpet vine and tossed it in the garbage) It was growing everywhere. I transplanted the mini daffys in this area.

By the deck

On the left hand side you will see my beautiful peones. While I would love to take credit for originally planting them, they have been here since I came. They have a special green gate around them to keep the straight. If you also notice, there is a rose plant to the right. I have never seen this bloom, and the leaves always look like they have been snacked on. Any advice you have in regards to my rose plant would be appreciated.

The date I took this photo is May 11, 2008

The Side Garden

I basically spent the other week plucking all of the tulip, daffy, iris, and mini daffy bulbs out of the garden over here. I shoved them all back in the ground in the other areas. My plan with these 5 hostas is to actually locate or split two more and rearrange the hostas to create repetition on the side. We also had to add a small cedar gate to keep Ellie from dancing like a goofball.

Experience and Knowledge

Ok, so it's May 17th. I have just spent the morning trying to transplant my little seedinglings into an actual pot. Out of the trays and trays I planted only about 10% in fact survived. I came to the clear conclusion I have no idea what i'm doing.
Don't get me wrong, I learn more every year, become a bit more gutsy every year ... but seedlings are my pizza crust. What is my pizza crust you ask, it's my life long commitment to figure out how to do it and do it well. I mean people do it everyday, how come I can't figure it out? Drives me nutz. So to date I have made 15 - 20 different types of crappy pizza crusts, I will continue on. However seedlings to plants are my next nemesis. I enjoy doing it, but truth is - I don't know what I'm doing.