Sunday, June 1, 2008

A video of the new veggie garden

Beth and I really worked our tails off this weekend. Incredibly we amended our soil and began to plant a ton of vegetables in our little enie weine garden area. We also pulled out some root bound plants from the front - and shoved them into the back - lol - lastly beth put in annuals in all of the open spots. Our new favorite thing... empanadas at the public market...mmmmm. We went with lani this morning, and had fun together. Later this afternoon we made it out to Janet and Lynns together. We spent time watching for the baltimore oriole, plopped down on chairs on the deck. They have lettuce in planters how cool is that ! The orioles came nibbling on grape jelly and orange slices, it was a delight. We both left there really relaxed, just both feeling like we had a great time.
On our way home... we actually came to a bit of a consensus about our next house... we both noticed how completely relaxed we felt and how when we're at janet and lynns it's almost like being at camp. This feeling of us being able to let everything go and want to entertain. While we enjoy the house, we love the outside and getting to just be one with nature : )
I could imagine us having a modest house, with a wonderful yard, bird houses, fire pit, pool etc... and then we'd invite friends to stay for the weekend. I mean how cool would that be !
we agreed that there would not be any sour faces upon the visit of a farm house - as long as my credit continues to raise... I of course will continue to work on this.
nice weekend - we had fun together : 0

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