Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Lilac Tree in the back

This is my white Lilac Tree in the back, all leggy and goofy - it just finished blooming May 20 - After much studying, I decided to do my research to figure out how to take care of such a scraggly looking beast.  

So basically I cut each branch as far down as I could (trying to stay within the 1/3 rule).  I cut it right above where I saw new growth - gently bending each branch down to get to the top.  

At the bottom are what I learned are called "suckers", we spent all last year yanking the suckers out - apparently it's just more lilac tree - these I need to cut as well towards the top to promote branching type growth. 

The path of the sun at the end of May

This is where the sun starts in the morning

My first tree

Today, I found my first tree, fruit trees are the hot item of the season this year.  I predicted this a few years ago when we went through such a huge financial crisis and I had developed my own garden in the back yard.   i digress.  So I went to country max today and found this sweet little tree - a Dwarf Bosc Pear.  Quite frankly, it's as cute as a button.  I was told to not get anything with fruit that might drop - I'll be sure to eat it before it hits the ground.  So as easy as this is made out to be.
1.  dig a hold twice the width
2.  Put the tree in the hole (with out the burlap sac)
3.  backfill the hole


Quite frankly it was not that easy, the whole tree fell apart as soon as it came out of the pot - ugh

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We have a new home, and while we have been here for a year I haven't had a chance to write about our beautiful garden.  I've been working diligently to get it updated, pruned, cleaned up - but admittedly, I'm not sure on a few things, so tomorrow I am going to go out with a camera and capture the plants I have, especially as they are all blooming.